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Marvin Zindler

Marvin Zindler
KTRK-TV, Channel 13's Marvin Zindler has been in Houston's media industry for over 50 years! His Action 13 work is known throughout the state, nation and in many large and remote areas throughout the world.

In September 1988, Marvin made history when he signed an unprecedented lifetime contract with Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. and KTRK-TV.

During his career at Channel 13, Marvin has helped thousands upon thousands of people. People who - without his intervention - would not have had a "voice" to have their needs heard by consumer businesses, professionals in the medical and legal fields and by those in government. Viewers know Marvin as a man who can cut through red tape and know how to overcome frustrating obstacles.

Marvin Zindler joined KTRK-TV on January 1, 1973. From his first day on-the-air, Marvin's flamboyant investigative reporting style has made headlines. His Action 13 office receives close to 100,000 letters a year pertaining to consumer complaints, request for medical help, food stamps, Social Security, the Internal Revenue Service, housing and even immigration problems. Marvin takes pride that his office answers every complaint!

He has received hundreds of awards. One honor of which he is particularly proud is when the Scottish Rite Masonry conferred the 33rd Degree upon him - the highest honor one can receive in the Masonry. The 33rd Degree is given to only a few. Among those who have received this honor are former Presidents George Washington and Harry Truman.

Marvin has also been awarded recognition from every news organization, many charity groups and even from many in the medical fields. One of these medical awards was presented to Marvin from the Plastic Surgeons of America. They honored Marvin for his openness and honesty in talking about his 14 cosmetic surgeries - including four face-lifts - and for the help he successfully gets for charity patients who desperately need reconstructive surgery.

During his first years at Channel 13, Marvin made local and national headlines when he closed down the infamous and legendary "Chicken Ranch" of prostitution in LaGrange, Texas. In fact this story was so spectacular it was featured in two 1974 issues of Playboy magazine. And as a result, became a hit Broadway musical whose revival is scheduled to open in 2001 and star Ann-Margret. This story was later made into a movie called The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

Marvin began his broadcasting career in 1943 as a part-time radio disc jockey while working for his family's clothing store which his father founded. In 1950 he became a reporter and cameraman for Southwest Film Production Company which produced the 6pm news for KPRC-TV. Two years later, Marvin joined the Scripps Howard Houston Press to work part-time as a Crime Reporter and Photographer. While working for the newspaper and his father's store, Marvin became dissatisfied with the retail business and in 1962 took a huge career detour to join the Harris County Sheriff's Department. He handled Civil Process for two years and then joined the Fugitive Squad where his work took him all over the world to extradite fugitives.

Two years before joining KTRK-TV, Marvin was assigned by the Sheriff and District Attorney to establish a Consumer Fraud Division with the Harris County District Attorney's Office. This Division is still in operation today. It was during this time of his career that he got his first taste of working on behalf of people.

Marvin was born on August 10, 1921 in Houston. He attended public schools and went to John Tarleton Agricultural College in Stephenville, Texas. In 1941 at the beginning of World War II, Marvin joined the Marines and later received an Honorable Discharge.

The same year Marvin joined the Marines, he married his first wife Gertrude, who passed away in November 1997. The Zindlers were fortunate to have been married for 56 years. Marvin is the proud parent of five children and in Marvin's words, "a whole bunch of grandkids and great-grandkids". Six years after Gertrude's death, Marvin married Niki Devine.

At age 84, Marvin still maintains his hectic work schedule, flying all over the world to help people. Weekdays, viewers can see Marvin on ABC13 Eyewitness News at 6 and 10pm.

And what does Marvin do during his "off" time? Golf. Golf. And more golf! Yes, Marvin loves the links!