Movie Mic tackles Thanksgiving movie releases

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Clips courtesy of: 20th Century Fox, FilmDistrict, DreamWorks

Kelly Burns is the co-founder of SplatterFest film competition, festival, and convention that takes place in the fall in Houston, TX. Before starting SplatterFest, she started her career in the film industry as an actress and producer and is also a mother of 3.

Eric Harrison has reviewed movies, covered film festivals and reported on the movie industry for the Los Angeles Times and Houston Chronicle. His movie coverage appears online at MovieHouston.com and InsideMovies.net.

Mike O'Neill is the producer of Eyewitness News at 4. He is also an all-around fanboy with a garage full of movie posters and a very understanding wife.

Don Nelson covers everything from entertainment to traffic and pretty much anything we ask him to do, which includes appearing on the MovieMic panel!