Ted Oberg is lunching with the candidates

We took Houston city council candidates in contested district races to lunch. They picked the place. We picked up the tab. Click on their names for a healthy serving of food and the city and politics and policy.

Ted Oberg

Click on the candidates' names below to watch their videos

We extended interview invitations to all viable candidates in district races. We will discuss at-large races elsewhere in our coverage. We used campaign funds raised as a test of viability. While not a perfect test  there is no publically available polling in council races and we could not cover every candidate. If you believe an error was made, please contact Ted @ ted.oberg@abc.com.

District A
  • Brenda Stardig
  • Mike Knox
  • Amy Peck
  • District B
  • Jerry Davis
  • District D
  • Assata Richards
  • District I
  • Ben Mendez
  • Robert Gallegos
  • Leticia Ablaza
  • Graci Garces