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Wildscaping is a way for people to contribute to wildlife conservation by creating wildlife habitats where they live, work and play. Texas Wildscapes provide the essential ingredients for a variety of wildlife -- food, water, shelter, and space. Creating a "backyard habitat" by replacing part of your lawn with native plants not only benefits wildlife, but it's less expensive, easier to maintain, plus it is strategy for water conservation. If you want to check out which native plants will work in your area check out

There are many resources out there to help start a wildscape at your child's school, or in your neighborhood, such as this How-to-Guide and planning guide for schoolyards.

Once you have your Wildscape ready, have it certified by the National Wildlife Federation and/or Texas Parks and Wildlife and receive tips on how to keep up with your backyard habitat.


June: Fishing
July: Paddling
August: Swimming
September: Photography
October: Biking

Build a wildscape at your school!

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Access to water
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Watering cans
Hand trowels

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