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Chef Chris Shepherd isn't originally from Texas, but he got here as soon as he could. Even as a child in Oklahoma, he was inspired by fresh ingredients, often scouring farms in search of straight-from-the-vine tomatoes, fresh corn, and peas. Shepherd came to Houston two decades ago to attend culinary school. He fell in love with the city, and decided to begin his career here. He brought his talent to the kitchens two of Houston's most renowned restaurants, Brennan's and Catalan. Underbelly is Chris' first concept; one that pays tribute to the city's abundant culinary resources, cultural diversity, and rich food history. Read more

Cadillac Culinary Masters - Cadillac and ABC-13 have come together to unveil a new series recognizing Culinary Masters in the Houston area. This partnership was created in an effort to pay tribute to Houston's finest chefs. To qualify for this prestigious honor, Chefs must meet the criteria established by our panel of judges. Each month, the selected chef will feature a 'Cadillac Culinary Masters' inspired menu with proceeds benefiting the Houston Food Bank.

Cadillac Culinary Master Chris Shepherd has prepared a special menu at his celebrated restaurant, Underbelly. All this month, a portion of the proceeds from this menu will go to support the Houston Food Bank.
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