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To learn more, watch the featured video, Introduction to Geocaching

Cars you depend on. Dealers you trust.

Splash in to summer!

Go on a treasure hunt the whole family can enjoy- Geocaching! Geocaching takes your child's love for technology into the great outdoors.

What is geocaching? It's a fun way to find hidden "caches" (prize-filled containers) placed by people all over the world using Global Positioning System (GPS) Devices based on satellites. The GPS Device shows you the latitude and longitude of where the cache is hidden.

You can buy a GPS Device from sporting goods stores or other outdoor outfitters. Alternatively, there are many free apps that you can use with your smart phone's GPS technology to join the fun. There are hundreds of caches in Texas State Parks waiting for your discovery! Visit for more information and to find coordinates.

Practice now to prepare for the statewide Texas State Parks Geocache Challenge, starting October 1, 2012!


August: Swimming
September: Photography
October: Biking
November: Wildscaping
December: Group outing
January: Neightborhood fishin'
February: Hiking
March: Wildlife viewing
April: Birding
May: Camping

  • Smartphone/GPS device
  • Water
  • Sunscreen
  • Small, inexpensive prizes to put

  • Benefits of Nature Play

    Send in your nature photos!

    Find Animal Tracks
    Outdoor Kid Journal
    Texas Outdoor Family Workshops
    Go Fish! Learn to Fish events
    Neighborhood Fishin' Lakes

    Mega Doppler 13
    Check the forecast
    Interactive weather

    Remember, pack what you bring in. Leave no trace!