Events for Energy Day 2013

Events at Energy Day 2013
  • Energy saving tips, demonstrations and products
  • CompuCycle will be on site recycling used electronics
  • Horizontal drilling game, as well as displays for onshore and offshore drilling process and reclamation
  • 3D watershed model  how we can protect our environment and how we conduct our business safely
  • Tools of the Trade museum  bits, fossils, oil etc.
  • Dress Energenie in his safety gear
  • Coring for hydrocarbons in trays of colored gravel
  • Liquefied Natural Gas "magician" from ConocoPhillips
  • Exploration\International LNG
  • Apache's natural gas Tahoe will be on display
  • Sand boxes to dig for fossils and sand art showing the layers of the earth
  • CD Hover Craft: The CD is evenly weighted and has a very flat surface so the air lifts the entire CD off the surface of the table allowing it to hover.
  • TAME Trailblazer with interactive games about energy, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Solar powered water pump and solar oven for demonstration. Sno cone machine
  • Hydrogen Generator Activity, which consists of lab equipment and a couple of posters.
  • Cutaway engines and heavy construction equipment
  • Shale fossils and an energy activity
  • Two tractor trailers that you can walk through. They have interactive demonstrations inside.
  • Eco Hero Photo Booth
  • Electric vehicles and hybrids on display
  • Various solar installers (residential and commercial)
  • Algae to biodiesel demonstration
  • Model demonstration of enhanced oil recovery
  • Houston Astros inflatable speed pitch and prize wheel
  • Activity for kids to participate in to see how common items can be used to create energy
  • Laptops where students can play the Tietronix game to build cities and learn about the various energy sources that power a city
  • Bio-friendly hats, tshirts, balloons, coloring station, pig, pipeline, ipad games
  • Solar container
  • UH's mobile antenna trailer will track environment monitoring balloons to be released around the reflecting pond
  • Assortment of small clean energy toys (hydrogen car, solar cricket, solar kit, etc&) and one larger microhydro energy generation demonstration tool called a PowerWheel ( The PowerWheel has a 2'x2'x3' recirculating water cabinet that serves as the water source and runs on 110V. We will also bring a variety of Webber Energy Group popular article prints on a variety of topics including: Natural Gas Vehicles, Energy and Food, Energy-Water Nexus.
  • UPS' MLE trailer with fold-out stage. Will hand out popcorn, toys and will have sustainability bike in front. Music playing and videos playing on flat screens. Trivia. Dyanmo girls.
  • Opportunity to interact with professionals and talk about their careers
  • Houston Rockets inflatable basketball goal with trivia and raffle prizes
  • James Coney Island will be selling hot dogs, hamburgers, fajitas, lemon chillers, cotton candy, ice cream and more
  • Giveaways, games, prizes and raffle drawings held throughout the day
  • Moonwalks, face painters, balloon artists and other kid friendly activities