Ike Anniversary

Hurricane Ike: Two Years Later

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Where were you?
Everyone who rode out Hurricane Ike two years ago remembers where they were and what it was like when the storm blew ashore. Tell your story.
Your photos/video
Did you take photos or shoot video from when Ike came ashore? Or did you capture images showing how far the recovery effort has come? Send them in to Eyewitness News.
Video from Ike
How far have we come in two years? Check out Eyewitness News video clips from before, during and after Hurricane Ike made landfall in September of 2008.
Photos from the storm
Ike's coming | Viewer photos of Ike I | Viewer photos of Ike II | Viewer Photos of Ike III | Family memories found | Damage to Bolivar church
Watch Ike come ashore
With a well-defined eye and a devastating surge, watch a radar loop of Hurricane Ike coming ashore on Galveston Island. Launch video.
Ike storm report
Chief Meteorologist Tim Heller tracks Ike's development from being a wave off the coast of Africa to when it roared ashore two weeks later in Galveston. See the full storm report.
Hurricane Ike interactives
- Returning to Houston after Ike
- Ike's destructive path across SE Texas
- Riding out the storm on Bolivar
ABC13 hurricane guide
Check out our live interactive tracking map, plus make sure that your family is ready if another storm comes our way. Preparation starts here.
IKE: HIS STORY: Our Eyewitness News special program looking back at Hurricane Ike