2 of 24: Filming on location at North American Aviation's Space Division in Downey, Cal. on June 4, 1965, producers of 'I Dream of Jeannie,' a new TV series, prepare to walk a man in space on camera. From left to right, cameraman Sam Rosen and director Gero Nelson guide the co-star of the series, Larry Hagman, as he emerges from a lifesize mockup of the Apollo space vehicle that will be used to carry Americans to the moon. This foot-age, combined with special-effects material, will results in a scene in which Hagman appears to float in space. The series, a fantasy-comedy, is about the adventures of a young astronaut (Hagman) who crash lands near a desert island and finds an ancient bottle which turns out to be inhabited by a beautiful blonde genie played by Barbara Eden. (AP Photo/ Anonymous)

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