3 of 10: This duo is sought for a series of armed, take-over style robberies throughout the Houston Metropolitan Area. These suspects are responsible for at least eight bank robberies throughout the year of 2012. In most instances, two unidentified suspects enter the bank in question wielding pistols. While one suspect subdues the patrons and employees in the lobby of the bank, the other addresses the tellers, and collects varying amounts of cash. The suspects then flee the scene in unknown directions, driving unknown vehicles.

Each of the suspects is wearing concealing clothing to obscure their identity from witnesses and surveillance cameras. A list of dates, locations and offense report numbers for the series of take-over robberies is below:

1. 01/17/2012: 1118 North Freeway
2. 02/25/2012: 3800 Westheimer
3. 03/24/2012: 2801 Kirby
4. 04/09/2012: 5700 Woodway
5. 04/10/2012: 13700 East Freeway
6. 04/21/2012: 2005 Taylor, Houston TX
7. 06/01/2012: 13700 East Freeway
8. 06/25/2012: 1625 S. Voss, Houston TX

If you recognize any of theses suspects, contact Crime-Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS. You could earn a cash reward. (Photo/Crime-Stoppers.org)

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