Shrimp boat captain delivers baby at sea

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A woman on a shrimp boat, miles from shore, went into labor and the birth really turned into true team effort. The baby was born yesterday inside the boat's tiny stateroom.

On board of The Reindeer, Captain Ed Keisel takes responsibilities for everything. So when one of its crew members went into labor 55 miles offshore, the shrimp boat captain couldn't panic.

"About 11:00 I hear this ahhhh," he said.

Captain Ed turned towards Shreveport, but at top speed the boat only goes 9 mph. He grabbed his first aid guide and read up on delivering babies.

Captain Ed is used to improvising on his boat, so he took a piece of twine to tie up the umbilical cord, plus found a soy sauce bottle and the tip of a rubber glove to make a baby bottle. By the time everything was sterilized, the baby was ready to come into the world.

The captain thought the first thing he saw coming was the head, but he was wrong. Instead the baby was coming breech.

"I thought this isn't gonna be easy," Captain Ed said.

By tugging on his legs and arms, Keisel got all of the baby's limbs out but his head was stuck.

"I went in through the side and hooked around the back of the head and popped down," he explained. "A little bit more room going down. Popped down, popped it out."

Out of its mother's womb, trouble for the baby was just beginning. He wasn't breathing.

"I started in on CPR," the captain said. "Just a little puff every three seconds."

After about 25 minutes, the little boy began breathing on his own.

Cindy Mawhorr named her son Brian Edward Mawhorr after his father and the captain.

"Edward because the captain's name is Eddie and he delivered the baby," she said. "That's why he is Brian Edward instead of Brian Keith."

Little Brian Edward weighed in at 7.5 pounds. Captain Eddie says that's the biggest shrimp he's ever caught.
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