Special surprise for local seniors

Thursday, November 22, 2007

There was a special surprise for some seniors who couldn't get out to visit family on Thanksgiving Day. Their meal came to them.

Volunteers delivered meals to those people who could not make it to Houston's big celebrations at city hall or the George R. Brown Convention Center. For 600 homebound seniors in the Sunnyside area, it was a real reason to give thanks.

Beaver Bryant was expecting a volunteer to stop by with Thanksgiving meals for her and her sister, but she wasn't expecting this.

"I was expecting just one person to drop by," she said. "What a beautiful surprise."

There was an entire house full of visitors. They only stopped by for a moment, but left much more than a couple of meals. They left the holiday spirit.

"I'm just so elated here, really I'm almost speechless," said Beaver. "Not expecting quite naturally, you're never prepared, but this is wonderful."

Volunteers went to hundreds of houses in the Sunnyside neighborhood, offering a hot meal.

"It's really rewarding because you're really blessed with stuff, and you get to bless other people," said 11-year-old Alexis Spriggins. "A lot of people are surprised and they're really happy.

Happy, because someone remembered them. And for that, they can give thanks.

"Some are disabled, amputees, blind or too feeble to get up and cook their own meals. Today, they didn't have to," said Sandra Massie Hines, honorary 'Mayor of Sunnyside'. "It's a great feeling to see so many people that have charity with their neighbors."

The meals were provided by the mayor's office, and cooked by the YWCA.
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