Bat found at Friendswood HS tests positive for rabies

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

A bat picked up at Friendswood High School on March 28 tested positive for rabies.

Friendswood Animal Control transported the bat to the Houston Department of Health and Human Services (HDHHS) laboratory. There was no reported exposure to any students or faculty. According to the Friendswood Police Department, the last reported Friendswood rabies case was in October 2010, also a bat.

Experts remind the public that bats are high risk carriers for spreading rabies, a deadly disease caused by a virus. The virus is spread when an animal that has rabies bites, or if the saliva from an animal with rabies gets in your eyes, nose, or mouth. This can happen if you get the saliva on fingers and then touch the face. Another way rabies is transmitted is by touching an animal with rabies and getting its saliva in open cuts on your skin.

If an injured, sick, or dead bat is found, do NOT touch it. You can contact Animal Control at 281-996-3300.

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