Our top 10 burger places in Houston

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Doesn't a big, fat, juicy hamburger sound good right about now? No matter the time you are reading this, I bet the answer is yes.

We're not professional food critics, but just two guys who have taken it upon ourselves to seek out the best burgers in Houston. So let's loosen our belts, put a napkin in our shirt, 'cause here are our top ten favorite places to eat hamburgers in the Houston area.

Annie's Hamburgers
1082 S Post Oak Rd

I've been passing by Annie's for years, but only in the last few did I go inside. I was missing out. The burgers are good, fries excellent and during the summer, you won't want to miss the icy cold lemon aid. (Mike's pick)

Charlie's Hamburgers
1440 W. Gray

I love this place. It just looks like a burger joint and they are are quite good. They remind me of the burgers of my childhood. I always smile when I enter and when I leave completely satisfied. They make burgers they way they are supposed to taste and look. (Joe and Mike's pick)

Christian's Tailgate Bar & Grill
2000 Bagby

Hidden away in the Post Property building in Midtown, this burger joint is only a few years old and already becoming a landmark. While I'm not a huge fan of the service, the burgers are worth looking past it. Make sure to try the onion rings. (Joe and Mike's pick)

Goode Company Hamburgers and Taqueria
4902 Kirby

Mike will disagree with me on this one, but this place makes some fabulous burgers. Cooked over mesquite, I think they are special. I'm not too crazy about the "build your own" table for the fixings, but the burgers are first-rate. Great fries also. (Joe's pick)

Guy's Meat Market
3106 Old Spanish Trail

This is a real meat market, but don't let that scare you... because if you come around lunchtime, you can get your hands on one of the city's great burgers. They come right off the pit and have a rich, smoky flavor that's better than any burger you can make in your own backyard. You have to get there early though, because when the burgers are sold out... you're out of luck. (Joe's pick)

Lankford Grocery & Market
88 Dennis St.

Joe and I went with a group of guys from work to Lankford one day for lunch. One of our coworkers asked the waiter for the healthiest item on the menu. His response, "We don't have one." If you go in with that spirit, then you will like Lankford. Don't let the name fool you, there is no market here anymore, just massive burgers among other things. If you like natural fries, then you'll like this place. Also, don't be scared off by the building, some call it charming. (Mike's pick)

Pappas Burger
5815 Westheimer

One thing that sticks out about Pappas Burger is how you order. You walk up to a counter, order and then take a bill to your table where a waiter is there to serve you. That's odd, but who cares once you eat the burgers. Top quality meat goes into this burger (there is a fancy steakhouse next door after all). These puppies have flavor and you'll be very full when you leave. (Joe and Mike's pick)

3899 Southwest Fwy

The reincarnated versions of Prince's are slick burger factories, but if you order the right one, you can get an excellent burger. The burger baskets are the way to go here. (Joe's pick)

Rudyard's British Pub
2010 Waugh Dr.

Downstairs from where most of the action happens at night is a hamburger you must try. Just be warned you'll have to go into a bar for lunch. So if the boss doesn't care, neither should you as you bite into this large juicy burger. I was very surprised that this place was capable of producing such a fine specimen, but all of the other media's top ten lists are on to something. (Joe and Mike's pick)

Waylands Confectionery
3522 Sampson

Mr. Wayland has been making great burgers at this Third Ward institution for years. The little old building is located right down the street from Yates High School. Mr. Wayland, always in his shirt and tie, has been setting a good example and making a darn good homemade burger for his young customers for as long as many of us can remember. (Joe's pick)

Honorable mention

Adrian's Burger Bar
5311 Sonora

One of the wildest hamburgers we've ever eaten had to come from this 5th Ward institution. The burgers are massive because they are a full pound of beef! You won't be able to get your mouth around them. You will have to actually pull out a knife and start cutting. I've never known what it was like to feel blockage near my heart until I attempted to finish this burger. It was too good to put down. (Joe and Mike's pick)

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Leave your reviews and we'll post them. Reader reviews
For The Bay Area- Don't forget about South Shore Beer Garden in League City - THE BEST!
- Mrs. Trueheart

Adrian's Burger Bar is by far the best hamburger I've ever want have to say where's the BEEF!
- Angela Montgomery

You have'nt tasted a good burger until you go by the Lil Red Wagon on Almeda Genoa between 288 and Almeda. The Slushes are the bomb also.
- Brenda B.

The best burger has to be from Mel's Diner in Tomball! Don't let the size of the restaurant fool you! GREAT down home country cookin!
- Alishia Tookies on 146 in Kemah, has great hamburgers.
- Leslie

I have to agree with Katina C. the Burger Park on Martin Luther King has the best hamburgers, slushes, and fries for a reasonable price.
- kgoodwin

Try Burger Tex at 6918 Spencer in Pasadena. Awesome burgers in your choice of sizes and styles, with super fresh dressings you add yourself from the fixin's bar. Plus, you gotta try their onion rings made fresh to order, and they're huge!
- RS

Obviously didn't try Perry's, they by far have better burgers than most of the ones you have on your list....give em' a try and you'll add them to the list of one of the VERY BEST!! in houston.
- Anthony G. Porcarello

Wolf's Hamburgers @ Beltway 8 and Woodforest on the East side has by far the best burgers and I do eat a lot of burgers.
- Vernon

Don't forget about Texas Hamburger Palace off Ranchester and Harwin!!

How about Two M's in Rosenberg!
- Susan

Charburger, in Deer Park on Center St. are the best!!!!! They have been around for as long as i can remember. You guys really need to check them out!!!!!
- RH

The best burger of all time goes to BELLAIRE BROILER BURGER. My dad used to take me there when I was 3-4 yrs old & I take my kids there today. 2ND BEST BURGER IS Kitty's Purple Cow on Surfside beach Texas. They don't make'm until you order them & there's not another one as good as Kitty's! Kitty's is worth the trip even if you just go for the burger!
- Sheila

The Railroad Crossing!!! Hempstead Hwy. I am a hamburger fanatic. These burgers are smothered with cheese, grilled and you get to eat in a railroad car that is cool. I give it a 10!
- Anges Donnelly

I think Texas Hamburgers are the best
- Rene Rodriguez

Blakes BBQ on Jennette is the best burgers in Houston, they melt in your mouth.
- Jill Mcloughlin

We've been going to Broiler Burger in Bellaire for years. Their hamburgers are to die for! All fresh ingredients and shredded cheese.........and the owners and employee's are wonderful and they actually SMILE.... 8).
- Sandi (Leigh Ann's Mom)

Burger Park on Martin Luther King is the best. They have been serving the best hambuger for the 30 yrs. I took my children, and they are adults with there children. They come back to oburger park.
- Rosie Quiller

Stanton's @ 1420 Edwards. To go only! One of the tops and I've tried the rest except for Mel's.
- Mark

You have got to check out Sparkles on Dowling and Leeland. Great Burgers and they make their own hamburger patties.
- Murdock

- Jennifer

- Lucy

You simply MUST check out the burgers at Miller's Cafe in Clear Lake. YUM!
- Arlette

Thanks for the list of hamburger joints! I'll definitely have to check out a couple of those. :) One of the things I've been looking for YEARS for though is a good CHILI Burger.. Homemade chili preferred. :) Would you happen to have run across any good chili burgers during your search for the perfect hamburger? :) Many thanks again!
- Shawn

For everyone in the Bay Area, Tookies is known for the best burgers around. The bean burger and #99 are legendary along with the onion rings!
- Kelly D.

Great places, but if you want juicy and the taste of home cooking try SomeBurger in the Heights. They have been around for ever. I grew up on those burgers and still love them. Try it with their Fat Fries and a Strawberry shake. Ummy.
- Margarite Cunningham

Baba Yega Restaurant - I thought to have great burgers - juicy.
- Amy Martinez

You miss another favorate place to eat burgers Wolf's burgers on beltway 8/Woodofrest.Those are the best homade burgers and good.
- Mary Arredondo

Big Humphries in Pearland has got to be in the top 10 for best burgers. They are unbelievable!Go check them out.
- Angela

New Orlene's Style Po-Boy on S. Main by Sears. They have the greatest burgers around. And the price isn't bad either, they also have breakfast eith pork chops grits and eggs.
- Barbara Thomas

I completely agree with a couple other reviews on this story. Sam's Deli Diner on Katy Fwy and Kirkwood is the greatest hamburger place in town. I've been eating there for the last twenty years. They make a All Day Burger that will truly fill you for the entire day. The Bacon Cheeseburger has about a third pound of thick bacon on top of the third pound of juicy beef. They also are one of the few place in town that you can still get a old fasioned Blue Bell shake. The owner is a delightful character that will always keep you satisfied. You must try it if ever out on the west side.
- Lisa Lopez

Mel's Cafe in Tomball has the best burger. I've never tried the Mel's Mega Burger, but their wall tells me many have. My second favorite is Cassidy's in Livingston. They both have great service and the burgers and everything else is great too.
- Ginas

The Best in The Woodlands is CK's on Sawdust Road - hand pounded pattie cooked to order Rare - Well Done. Almost too big to bite! Onion Rings are good too.
- Sherry Gholston

Good choices, but the best in town is Carriage House Cafe on Fallbrook ... fresh flavorful ground beef, wonderfully fresh buns, and your choice of side, only 5.00 and you can't finish it!
- Catherine

I agree with Michael Holland, until you have had a Mel's burger, you have not had a burger. Mel's Diner in Tomball - not only has great burgers their food and service is great. If you want to try them out - do not go on Friday nights, the line is long.
- Kelly

Oops, you forgot Mel's in Tomball. Next to Lankford Cafe, one of the best burgers around. (The rest of their food is pretty good, too!)
- Debbie Nolen

BELLAIRE BROILER BURGER! In the heart of Bellaire, Tx at the Bellaire/Bissonnet split. They have been in business for over 40 years and are a family owned business. They make the BEST hamburgers there. I recommend the BELLAIRE SPECIAL. It is so good and they actually grill them over an open fire, just the way you like it. From the outside it looks like a hole-in-the-wall, but inside you will not walk away hungry. Most of the employees are related to each other, and as a customer they make you feel welcome. Don't miss out, give them a try!
- Monica

My "vote" goes to Sam's Deli on I-10 @ Kirkwood AND Charlie's on W. Gray. Both places serve grand burgers!
- T. Messer

You missed Southwell's on Gaylord street off I-10 and Bunker Hill. One of the best hamburgers I've ever had in my life, handmade, usually with fixins about 3-4 inches thick. Along with home-fries, they definitely give you your money's worth.
- Tammy

Bill's on Loop 494 in Kingwood has fantastic Burgers, as well as the rest of their food. Fun atmosphere too!
- Vicky

you have never had a burger until you've had a mel's mega burger! Located in tomball this cozy restaurant (Mel's Diner) has the best burgers and onion rings and great service.
- Michael Holland

You also overlooked Lia's Drive In on Homestead in north Houston. They've been in business for over 41 years and if you try them, you'll understand why...
- Jim H.

I would like to say if you have not eaten at Barbeque Inn on Crosstimbers and Yale you are missing out. All of their food is fantastic. I have been eating there for 60 years. Gonna try for 60 more.
- LaVerne Schenk

Burger Park on Martin Luther King has the best burgers, fries, sluches and apple turnovers.
- Katina C.

Hyde's Cafe in Old Town Spring. Is the best place to get and old fashioned hamburger with fries. The hamburgers are so big and juicy better than any other hamburger that is fast food.
- Shelly Beavers

Sam's Deli Diner is absolutely the best burger joint in town. They have been on the north side of the Katy Freeway (between Wilcrest and Kirkwood) for more than 30 years and just recently moved to the south side due to the construction. The owner does all the cooking and the place is ALWAYS packed! You guys missed out on a great burger if you didn't visit Sam's!
- Kirsten M.

Sam's Deli Diner is absolutely the best burger joint in town. They have been on the north side of the Katy Freeway (between Wilcrest and Kirkwood) for more than 30 years and just recently moved to the south side due to the construction. The owner does all the cooking and the place is ALWAYS packed! You guys missed out on a great burger if you didn't visit Sam's!
- Kirsten M.

Beck's Prime in the Woodlands serves not only great steaks but awesome burgers. Not to mention the great service. They have one of the best managers in the business.
- Roy W.

You skipped baytown! On decker dr. there is a small place called "someburger" and they have the best! real fries, and real burgers hand made! u gotta try em!
-Tina Lynn

Bellaire Broiler Burger will knock all of those restaurants away...great family business.
- Leigh Ann

You missed Champ Burger on Sampson (304 Sampson, between Harrisburg and Canal). Big juicy burgers that are cheap! It's patronized by people from the greater East End and downtown workers who drive over for the food. Most people take away their orders, but Champ's does have a patio with some tables. Very cozy. Big suggestion: call in your order ahead of time. Walk-up orders can take a while.
- Nicholas Garofalo

Cream Burger on elgin has the best burgers,fries and milk shakes.
- Moniquica Anderson

I myself just found the hidden treasure, Guy's on OST is THE BEST.
- Cecilia Mejorado

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