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  • Drivers had to prove they lived on the cul-de-sac before police will let them through on Monday night. This as Morris County detectives investigated a fire and death on Phyldan Road in East Hanover, New Jersey.
new jersey news, new jersey, east hanover, morris county, fire, death investigation, new jersey news, lucy yang
  • teen killed in paterson new jersey
  • Nina Pineda has more on why the teen is now facing charges
new jersey, paterson, eyewitness news 6pm, shooting, teen, teenager, death investigation, eyewitness news
  • carlos alcis
  • Stacey Sager has more on this story
brooklyn, death investigation, eyewitness news 5pm, nypd, police, eyewitness news
  • paterson
  • Jim Dolan is live with more on this investigation
paterson, new jersey, eyewitness news 5pm, investigation, death investigation, eyewitness news
  • hit and run
  • Kristin Thorne is in Central Islip with more
eyewitness news 6pm, hit and run accident, death investigation, eyewitness news
  • Marcus Solis has more from Pearl River.
boat accident, boating, death investigation, eyewitness news
  • delaware river
  • Toni Yates reports live from Warren County, New Jersey
warren county, new jersey, death investigation, eyewitness news noon, eyewitness news
  • Cynthia Ali and the rest of her family are demanding answers. They say 72-year-old Judge Ali, a dad, grandfather, and great-grandfather, was found laying in the street in the Bronx last Friday night.
new york city, bronx, accident, death investigation, new york news, stacey sager
  • Marcus Solis reports that the suspect's truck was found.
haverstraw, murder, crime, death investigation, rockland county, eyewitness news
  • The 14-year-old boy was shot in the head Thursday evening after gunshots scattered a group of young tennis players in the borough's Baychester section.
new york city, bronx, death investigation, new york news