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  • A judge declared a second mistrial in the civil case of an NYPD officer accused of sodomizing a man arrested in the subway.
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  • Three New York City police officers have been acquitted of all charges in an alleged subway sodomy attack.
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  • Michael Mineo
  • Jurors have started deliberating in the case of three Brooklyn policemen accused of sodomizing a drug suspect.
new york city, police abuse allegation, sodomy, michael mineo, local news
  • The NYPD officer charged with sodomizing a subway straphanger took the witness stand in Downtown Brooklyn Thursday.
new york city, michael mineo, nypd, police brutality, police abuse allegation, local news
  • Cop testifying against cops. It was a rare scene in court and by far the most damaging to at least one of the three officers on trial.
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