'Secret Millionaire' Marc Paskin in Detroit


"Secret Millionaire" for Sunday, March 13th follows Marc Paskin, a real estate investor to Detroit, Michigan.

61-year-old Paskin, a multi-millionaire spent six days living on just $50. That's the equivalent of one week on Detroit's welfare assistance for a single man over 55.

He moves into a typical, run down, one-bedroom house on the east side of Detroit. The east side is known for being overrun with drugs, crime and gangs.

Paskin finds three worthy charities to donate his time and money to.

The first is The MAN Network. MAN stands for Maintaining a Neighborhood. The organization strives to bring safety to neighborhoods and provide community building activities.

The next is Young Detroit Builders. The organization provides young adults ages 18-24 the opportunity to learn how to build and remodel homes. They are dedicated to helping Detroit's disadvantaged youth learn job and life skills. They have rebuilt 800 homes in the past 17 years.

Paskin spent a day volunteering with Really Living, a corporation that offers uninsured patients free transportation to their medical appointments.

For more on the charities visit:
The MAN Network: http://themannetwork.net/
Young Detroit Builders: http://www.youngdetroitbuilders.com/
Really Living: http://www.reallylivingcorp.org/index.html

For ways to get involved in your community: http://abc.go.com/shows/secret-millionaire/get-involved

You can watch "Secret Millionare" this Sunday, March 13th at 8 p.m. on ABC!

More about Marc Paskin

Proclaimed as the "The Donald Trump of San Diego" by the San Diego Tribune, Paskin is president of Paskin Properties, a division of The Paskin Group, a privately owned real estate investment and management company. Raised in a poor family, he worked his way through college. Following his graduation from the University of Wisconsin, Paskin took his life savings of $1,000 and used it as a down payment on a duplex. During the following 35 years, he bought and sold real estate, working his way up to much larger assets - turning his small initial investment into a portfolio of apartment complexes, industrial buildings, office buildings and retail investments spanning the sun belt from California to Nevada, Texas and Florida. He turned his initial $1,000 investment into over $100 million.

A sought after speaker at universities and companies worldwide, Paskin now motivates others by talking about his life and sharing how anyone can make money in real estate. At the age of 61, his goal is to literally "die broke" - give away all of his money to worthy causes and needy people. When he isn't working on real estate mega-deals, he enjoys going to concerts, traveling, skiing and spending time with his children and grandchildren. A former radio disc jockey, you may also run into him dressed up in an Elvis jumpsuit singing karaoke at neighborhood bars.