Have you seen these missing children?

(East Boston, MA - WABC, April 14th) - Priscilla's ears and lip are pierced. She has tattoos on her arm and may go by the name Rendy. (Canonsburg, PA - WABC, April 14th) - Kiara was last seen on February 22, 2014. Her lower lip is pierced and she may have a weave in her hair.
(Brockton, MA - WABC, April 14th) - Jordan was last seen on September 6, 2013. He may still be in the Brockton area. Jordan is Biracial. He is Hispanic and White. (Dorchester, MA - WABC, April 14th) - Dae was last seen on January 21, 2014. She is biracial. Dae is Black and Hispanic. She has a scar on the bridge of her nose.
(Far Rockaway, NY - WABC, April 14th) - Christine is Biracial. She is Black, Native American, and White. When Christine was last seen, she had purple highlights in her hair.