Above and Beyond 2012: Nominate a school

For over three decades, WABC-TV has honored amazing tri-state area students, teachers, administrators and programs whose accomplishments went above and beyond the classroom. From creating innovative programs to projects that reach across communities, these honorees have made their contributions count in our world.

To submit a nomination, please read and fill out our form. This form is to be completed by a principal or program leader. The submission deadline is March 23rd.

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Please tell us about an innovative program in your school and why it should be considered to be nominated for going 'Above and Beyond.'

Please include the following answers in your description:

  • In which category does your school fit? (Arts/Environment/Science/Technology/Public Service/Sports)
  • What is the purpose of the program?
  • How has the program filled a need in your school community?
  • When does the program begin and end?
  • What events in this program could be filmed during this spring?
  • Who has taken a leadership role in your school?