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Title: Guys Read: Thriller

Count100_250 Editor: Jon Scieszka

Themes: Mystery, Excellent Read-Aloud, Adventure, Books For Boys, Humor, Detective Stories

Published: 2011, 288 pages

'Sweet' book summary:
Reviewer: Melissa Y.

Jon Scieszka, the editor of Guys Read: Thriller, knows boys. Scieszka is one of six Scieszka brothers: no girls! He is also the author of many best-selling books for children, including: the Time Warp Trio series, The Stinky Cheese Man, The True Story of the Three Pigs, among many others. Finally, Scieszka is also a former elementary school teacher of ten years -- so he just "gets" kids. He has made it his mission to help boys become better readers; his philosphy is that "...boys love to read most when they are reading things they love." And so, this series of Guys Read story collections, geared especially for boys, was born.

Guys Read: Thriller, as the name plainly suggests, is a collection of stories sure to delight, spook and scare your reader. It is just in time for Halloween! These short stories are written by authors who have proven themselves to be a hit with boy readers everywhere. Some of the authors include Gennifer Choldenko (Al Capone Shines My Shoes), Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Lunch Lady), James Patterson (Maximum Ride), and Anthony Horowitz (Alex Rider Series). These are just a sampling of some of the children's favorite authors that make up this ten story collection. Each story packs a wallop of adventure, humor and intrigue; there are safe-hunters, snakes, genetically engineered pudding and much more.

Guys Read: Thriller, as a concept, is brilliant. The largest group of reluctant readers are boys and reluctant readers often have a hard time settling into a story. So here, in one volume, there are ten opportunities for your reader to enjoy and feel successful reading. The stories are short, high-interest and action-packed and are sure to keep hard to reach readers enthralled. Each story runs anywhere from 15 to 42 pages. Your reluctant reader can pick this volume up and finish a story in one sitting, leaving him feeling more enthusiastic about reading. The pleasure of reading a story or book successfully, is a great accomplishment and an important first step for these types of readers. They often can't finish a book, so short stories are just an ingenious way of building their reading skill and confidence. But don't just hand this to your reluctant readers, because some all types of readers will enjoy this exciting collection.


What You Need to Know:
  • Guys Read: Thiller, is a collection of thrilling stories by a terrific group of boy-friendly authors.
  • Guys Read is the brain child of the author Jon Scieszka, who is passionate about helping boys become impassioned readers.
  • This is the second collection of Guys Read stories. The first, Guys Read: Funny Business was published last year.
  • Volume three, Guys Read: Sports is due September, 2012, and volume four, Guys Read: Non-Fiction is due out September, 2013. " Scieszka also has a website.

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