Review: Spaceheadz (series #1)

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Title: Spaceheadz (series #1)

Spaceheadz245 Author: Jon Scieszka

Themes: Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Talking Animals, School, Moving, Graphic Novel, Books for Boys

Published: 2010, 192 pages

'Sweet' book summary:
Reviewer: Melissa Y.

It is the first day in a new school for Michael K. He has moved and is now attending P.S. 858 in Brooklyn. As if starting a new school in fifth grade isn't bad enough, the two other new kids are majorly weird and have attached themselves to Michael. These students, Jennifer and Bob, insist they are aliens, and the class hamster, Major Fluffy, is their commander. They have come to Earth with the task of turning 3,140,000 earthlings into Spaceheadz or the Earth will be turned off. The aliens saw Michael K. on a commercial for SuperCrunchies and have decided he is the hero they need!

The story is simple and told with abundant, age-appropriate humor. Spaceheadz is a cross between a sci-fi thriller and a realistic comedy. Even the most reluctant readers will laugh at the characters Scieszka has created: Jennifer, the pencil-eating alien; Bob, the commercial jingle-spouting alien; Umber, the bumbling Anti-Alien agent; and Michael, the put-upon human charged with saving the world. As Michael says: "The first day of school had just offically gone from bad to worse to crazy town!"

The story will especially appeal to children who are more interested in new media and pop-culture, than reading. The internet tie-ins are funny and safe and will give real life connection to the kids who are struggling with their connection to literacy. The pop culture references will keep everyone interested. Apparently, the aliens learned all they needed to know about Earth by watching television, and the ensuing dialogue is hilarious. Scieszka has hit the jackpot again with this high-interest, innovative series.



What You Need to Know:
  • This is written by the always funny Jon Scieszka, who is passionate about getting reluctant readers reading and has written many wonderful books with this goal in mind.
  • Scieszka is also the creator of the Guys Read website, designed to help get reluctant readers interested in reading.
  • This series is funny, silly and guaranteed to make the newly independent (reluctant or not) reader want to keep reading.
  • This is the first in a series of four books (so far); three have already been published with the fourth coming out in 2012.
  • There are no less than four websites attached (and imbedded in the stories) to this series for readers to continue their Spaceheadz experience online:,,, and

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