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Title: Red Sled

RedSled250 Author: Lita Judge

Themes: Excellent Read-Aloud, Exquisite Illustrations, Animals, Seasons

Published: 2011, 40 pages

'Sweet' book summary:
Reviewer: Melissa Y.

Red Sled is a gorgeous book about winter and some of the creatures who inhabit the long, wintry night. The story opens up with a little girl putting her red sled away, after what appears to be a long day of sledding. She props it up against her cabin and heads inside.

A curious bear comes along and decides to take the sled for a ride. The bear is joined by other woodland creatures, and what fun they have! When the little girl wakes up in the morning she sees all the animal tracks and wonders what adventures her sled has been on in the night.

I love the imagery in this wintry, cozy book. It is a perfect book to share during the holidays as things get cold and dark. This gentle tale will peak children's imaginations. This book is nearly wordless, so your young reader will be able to narrate the stories him/herself. Wordless books are such great tools for young readers. They give children free reign to create and enjoy; in the process, they boost their reading self-esteem.

Red Sled is a fantastic reading experience from start to finish. The animal's joie de vivre is palpable. This would also make a perfect read for children (and parents) who are not too thrilled about the coming cold season. Red Sled will put them in a happy winter mindset.



What You Need to Know:
  • Red Sled is a wonderful book, just in time for the winter's solstice.
  • This story has few words, leaving lots of exciting work for the reader's imagination.
  • The artist's use of a restrained palette allows for a bold punch of color on each page; the visual effect is stunning.

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