Review: Not For Parents: New York City

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Title: Not For Parents: New York City

NFPNYC_250 Author: Klay Lamprell

Themes: Travel, Reference, Adventure, History

Published: 2011, 96 pages

'Sweet' book summary:
Reviewer: Melissa Y.

No parent of young children, embarking on a trip to the Big Apple, should be without this terrific guide. Not For Parents: New York City is a book chock-full of information about New York City that will appeal directly to a child's sense of adventure and humor.

Did you know, for instance, back in the day, NYPD officers rode around on horseback and shook a wooden rattle to warn of danger? Did you know there are 6,514 windows in the Empire State Building? Did you know Central Park used to be a swamp? Neither did I. While there is lots of history in this volume, it also has lots of interesting current facts as well.

This travel guide will no doubt appeal to children of all ages. It has many photographs, illustrations and text. It can be picked up and put down easily, allowing it to be read in spurts. This is a particularly good strategy for the reluctant reader. Just leave it lying around, and I guarantee you that readers and non-readers will be drawn to it. The abundance of pictures will put challenged readers at ease, but the large amount of text and information will satisfy your willing readers too!

A visit to New York City with children would not be complete without this guide. I would put it out a few weeks before the trip, take it with as you travel, and keep it around long after you are home. It's just interesting reading for kids and adults! And don't forget, citizens of NYC will learn a lot about their city, too, so it's not just for tourists!



What You Need to Know:
  • Not For Parents: New York City is a wonderful reference guide of all sorts of fun facts for kids embarking on a visit to NYC.
  • Not For Parents: New York City shouldn't only be read by tourists, however. There is plenty of interesting information about NYC that even resident kids probably don't know.
  • This is part of a brilliant series with four cities covered so far: Rome, London, Paris and NYC.
  • It would be a great tool for kids who live anywhere in the world, travelers or homebodies, to learn about these major cities.
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