Review: Hooey Higgins and the Shark

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Title: Hooey Higgins and the Shark

hooey250 Author: Steve Voake

Illustrator: Emma Dodson

Themes: Extraordinary Language, Humor, Exquisite Illustrations, Animals, Adventure, Determination, Books for Boys

Published: 2012, 112 pages

'Sweet' book summary:
Reviewer: Melissa Y.

Hooey Higgins is an incredibly funny book imported from across the pond.

Originally published in England, Candlewick Press has (delightfully) decided to introduce American readers to this zany character and his (mis)adventures.

Hooey was christened Thomas Higgins, but his brother Will spent the first six months of Hooey's life standing over his crib asking, "Who he, who he?" So the name Hooey stuck. Hooey lives with his family in Shrimpton-on-Sea. One day, Mr. Danson unveils a giant chocolate egg in his sweet shop's window and Hooey is in love. He will do just about anything to Get. That. Egg.

That same day, a shark is spotted out in the harbor. Hooey, Will, and their friend Twig, devise a plan. Armed with a cricket bat, a bottle of ketchup and a duvet, the boys head out to sea. If they could just capture the shark and get it in their bathtub, they could charge people money to see it, thereby earning enough to buy that gorgeous chocolate egg.

In the end, the boys get the egg but not the way the title would imply. In fact, the adventure that ensues in pursuit of the egg is much funnier. Newly independent readers will delight in this slapstick comedy. The illustrations are more like doodles (ala the Wimpy Kid) which will attract young male readers. While young readers love the Wimpy Kid series, the content is not entirely appropriate. Hooey Higgins humor is similar, but entirely appropriate for its intended audience.



What You Need to Know:
  • Hooey Higgins is a terrifically funny and recent addition to the early chapter book category of children's literature.
  • There are a few other Hooey titles published in the UK already. Let's hope Candlewick Press brings more to America.
  • Young boys will eat this screwball comedy up, but don't deprive your young girl readers of it!
  • A quick conversation about British currency before your young reader begins to read Hooey Higgins is a must.
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