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school clothing savings With the new school year, comes new outfits. Here are some steals and deals for under $40 as your kids head back to school.
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Breakfast and lunch are crucial for your kids to make sure they're ready to go as they head back to school. Read story
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Back-to-school shopping is the second-biggest spending spree of the year, and the average parent with kids in grades K through 12 will spend just shy of $689 on supplies, clothing and electronics for the new school year. Read story
School is back in session, which means your kids will be bringing home lots of books. But you have to keep an eye on how much is in their backpack. Read story
As students return to school for another year, the American College of Emergency Physicians has put together a checklist for parents and guardians to help their children stay healthy. Read story
As your kids head back to school, one of the big concerns is bullying. And as parents, you want your children to be safe - so they're not bullied - and you certainly want to make sure they're not the instigator, either. Read story
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We hope you and your kids had a good summer, because it's winding down. And that means one thing: It's back-to-school time! Read story
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Call it self-discipline, self-control, self-management, or merely doing what you know you should do even when no one is looking. We all know teaching kids to do the right thing is no easy task. Read story
One of the most commonly waged battles between parents and children is over homework. Even with the best of intentions, tackling this ongoing dilemma in positive and constructive ways can be a constant challenge. Read story
We want our kids to think, to make good decisions, to live up to their agreements, to behave, and to become independent. We know that responsible kids are successful kids. And we know that to start teaching responsibility early is to increase our chances of success. Read story
It's a phrase that will strike fear into the hearts of most children: back to school. But there are simple things you can do now to make it all less overwhelming. Read story
For many children, the first day of school doesn't only mean new teachers and new friends  it can also be a source of anxiety with homework assignments and tests just around the corner. Starting the school year off on the right foot can help minimize a child's stress level throughout the year. Read story
Want to give your child a leg up before he or she heads off to kindergarten? Parents can start by building a strong support system at home for their young learners. Read story