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Money saving tips from Eyewitness News viewers

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
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So many good ideas posted on our Facebook page, and a lot of the comments were tips about grocery shopping.

17.5% of our viewers say they save money buying meat when it's on sale and freezing it.

15% said they're bottling filter water and brewing coffee at home. On the water alone a family that drinks a case a week is saving $364.00 a year!

The sound of saving in the Zimmer's house is breakfast on a skillet.

The Suffolk county mom of twins whisks up pancakes and French toast by the box and loaf.

That's half off pancakes.

"It's money saving and time saving," Susan Zimmer said. She packs and freezes servings.

"For $2.99, I probably have two week worth of breakfast," Zimmer said.

Yahoo finance expert Farnoosh Torabi also suggests staying away from brand names to save.

"Their overhead is minimal. They can pass along their saving to the consumer," Torabi said.

7 On Your Side viewer Beth Geraghty knows this, writing she's "on a first name basis with staff at the Dollar Store."

The quality and taste of generic may surprise you.

Facebook friend Lily Corcoran's trick to get her son to eat it.

"Refill the brand container with generic, little does he know," she wrote.

Two Facebook friends, Charles and Peter, say they save more than a hundreds of dollars annually with this tip: they buy meat on sale and freeze it!

Michael Baxter knows he's saving by doing a little daily task around his house.

The biker brags, "NO microwave plugged in unless being used!!! My bill went down!"

The DEP estimates unplugging appliances can save you $100 dollars a year in wasted electricity.

Elizabeth Chan wasted no time finding ways to save after quitting her corporate job to pursue a singing career.

"In Rite Aid, there's a section where you buy one, get one. I will only eat cereals that are buy one get one," Chan said.

She only buys Soy Milk for that cereal because of the longer expiration dates.

The avid cook estimates she saves 5 to 10 dollars a week by planting a windowsill spice garden ($3 bucks a pot for herbs) that she can use all year. That's $520 a year in saving!

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