No sales tax in NYC!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday was the start of a new era for New York City shoppers. From now on there will be no tax, neither state nor local, on any shoes or items of clothing priced under $110. Though several counties in the area are still paying some amount in sales tax, here in New York, it was a good day if you were looking to spend.

Eyewitness News' Carolina Tarazona has the story.

It's pretty nice. Starting today you save when you spend. There's no tax in New York City. No state. No local.

Marissa Smith, Shopper: I probably just want to do my shopping more here. More money in the wallet is always better.

The tax exemption applies to clothes and shoes under $110. Shoppers pounding the pavement in Herald Square Saturday afternoon were ecstatic when they looked at their receipts more closely.

Priscilla Vilbrunn, Shopper: I was shocked, very shocked. It said $9.99, no tax. It's a good thing.

Even retailers were happy. For them no tax means more customers, more shopping and ultimately, more money.

Edmund Brunning, Business Owner: The more they save, the more they buy. That's the bottom line. In today's economy every bit helps.

Others did admit they had no idea this was going on.

Since New York City has already dropped its portion of the sales tax, shoppers in New York City don't pay any tax as long as the item is under $110. In White Plains, shoppers will still pay a sales tax of 3 7/8 percent. Nassau and Suffolk shoppers will have to pay a 4 5/8 percent tax.

Even senators are taking advantage of the newfound discount.

Senator Charles J. Fuschillo, 8th Senate District: This is all year long and consumers collectively throughout the state will save over 600 million dollars.

Many businesses are still not aware so, before you walk out with a smile and some savings check that receipt!

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