Porn on cell phones?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New cell phones are offering much more than just the chance to call home. In fact, some cell phones have x-rated screen savers built in.

That is, if you consider partially clothed women looking sexually suggestive x-rated -- and you would if the phone were for your child.

Eyewitness News reporter Nina Pineda has the story.

Boost Mobile rates the racy pics PG-13 and offers its prepaid phone users a sneak peak absolutely free.

"This is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18," parent Michelle March said.

Yet her 14-year-old son got an eyeful on the new phone his mom bought at a Walmart for him. Among Boost Mobile's wall paper choices is content you'd expect on pay-per-view -- not the free screensaver preview.

For $29 dollars, we picked up a Boost Mobile cell at a PC Richards, and on wallpaper choices, up popped the thumbnails offering bigger downloads for just two bucks, no Internet connection necessary.

"There is no 18 plus disclaimer. There is nothing in the paperwork on the phone," March added.

"Parents are totally clueless about what their kids can do with hand-held devices," Parry Aftab of WiredSafety.Org said.

At a Bergen County middle school student council summit on cyberbullying, kids were instructed to think before they click. But it's parents she warns to get smart about the technology their kids are using.

"When you buy a new device see what it does. Can your kids download porn? Can they talk to strangers? Can they send pictures out? ..." Aftab said.

When parents found out what this phone did they complained to Boost Mobile, and the company put a disclaimer on the wallpaper page last week. But a PR manager told us they don't even consider what's on the Web browser to be adult content.

Adults had two words for the phone pictures -- soft porn.

"I'd really be worried about this when my daughter gets older ... I think it's terrible," a person told us.

"Children in my school have cell phones and they don't need to see that on the screen," another person said.

But they can, and it's easy as making a call.

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