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School board president accused of racist remarks

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

School may have been out this Veteran's day, but in Brentwood, the controversy still swirled over the president of the school board, and words of hate that allegedly spewed from his mouth.


"I just hope that no one has to experience what I had to experience," said Carlos Sanchez.

Sanchez became head of security for Brentwood schools the year before the school board elected George Talley its president.

That's when Sanchez says he quickly became a target, merely because of his race.

"I was told "Oh that sp*c better stay in Puerto Rico cause he doesn't have a job to come back to. We're gonna get rid of that stupid sp*c," said Sanchez.

Frank Scimeca ran facilities for the district and says Talley came to him, looking for dirt on Sanchez.

The two men are now among five current or former employees, filing federal civil rights complaints against the heavily minority district.

"We are absolutely adamant that Talley must step down. We can no longer tolerate this man to be the president of the largest school district on Long Island," said attorney Jeffery Brown.

Since they filed these complaints in the last couple of days, the plaintiff's lawyers say they've gotten calls of support from three currently sitting school board members and three recent Superintendents in Brentwood. One of them signed affidavit saying he heard Talley refer to minorities as "Undesirables, outsiders, and illegals."

District spokesman Rick Belyea says it's all fantasy, made up by disgruntled employees who all were recently downsized to save money.

Talley wasn't home when Eyewitness News stopped by today, Belyea says he's out of state, and vigorously denies all allegations.

"He knows the people he represents, he knows the students he's taking care of. And this hurts him, because this is just not the kinda guy he is," said Belyea.

Now, federal regulators will launch an investigation, and most likely, it'll end up in court.

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