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Stop & Shop sign violates Amityville color code

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

There's a color controversy on Long Island, a giant supermarket chain versus a small town. Stop and shop supermarkets are introducing new signs nationwide that embody a rainbow of colors. But the village of Amityville requires signs that are low-key and subtle.

In the center of Amityville you will find a cedar shake white gazebo, flags, flower baskets and cute store signs in muted colors.

But there is no purple. It just didn't make the cut.

Here's the issue, Stop and Shop's new store plans include a still-to-be-added big purple strip around the entire building, which may not meet code and is to some a glaring, garish sticking point.

"We just want to keep as must historical integrity as we can," explains Peter Imbert, Amityville's Mayor.

He says Stop and Shop's new nationwide logo, a fruit basket, also still on the way, may not fly either, but the purple stripe is the biggest red flag.

"Purple is not something we want around here, something to start a new trend."

Stop and Shop says they've been through this before, saying "we have had no problem in other communities such as Martha's Vineyard and Newport, and have made no negative impact."

And say they're waiting for the Planning Board to decide.

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