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Almost one year ago, two significant organizations serving people with disabilities merged.
  • Reporter diagnosed with seizures
  • Oak Park native Sarah Carlson was a rising star news anchor and reporter, but her career was sidetracked due to epilepsy and a brain tumor.
  • Affordable housing for the disabled
  • Earlier this year, a 51-unit affordable apartment complex opened in Chicago's Lakeview community. It cost $13-million to build and is intended for low-income people with mental illness and physical disabilities, who may be at risk for homelessness.

Disability Issues with Karen Meyer

Karen Meyer joined ABC 7 as a feature reporter in 1991. Her segments, which deal with issues pertaining to people with disabilities, appear on the ABC 7 Sunday Morning News and on ABC7 News each Thursday at 11:30 a.m
Learn about different issues pertaining to people with disabilities and their families.

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