YouTube Videos 2012: Watch the Top 10


You've seen them, laughed at them, been amazed by them and shared them with everyone you know. Every month, we watch 4 billion hours of YouTube video, but which were you watching the most in 2012? Now, YouTube is unveiling the top trending videos of 2012. YouTube Trends Manager, Kevin Allocca, has this year's list and a look at the videos, the entertainers, and the moments that captivated the world.


1) PSY Gangnam Style

2) Walk off the Earth

3) KONY 2012

4) Call Me Maybe Bieber, Gomez, Pena

5) Epic Rap Battles Obama vs. Romney

6) Dramatic Surprise

7) Why You Asking All Them Questions

8) Lindsey Sterling

9) Facebook Parenting

10) Stratos Highlights