Chicago time-lapse video lights up city's skyline; Max Wilson's 'Chicago Timelapse Project- Windy City Nights'


Take a ride with Max Wilson through the streets of Chicago at night, and you'll see the Windy City as you've never seen it before.

Bright, bold, beautiful colors light up the night skyline in "Chicago Timelapse Project- Windy City Nights." Wilson, a sports photographer, writes that the six-minute, time-lapse video took about two years to create.

Cars whirl past Union Station, clouds roll over Willis Tower, and tourists fly under and around in search of the perfect picture at the Bean in Millennium Park. Wilson invites the viewer into his car as downtown Chicago blurs by.

"There is something about the lights at night and the passage of time that is really captivating," Wilson writes on Vimeo, where the Chicago Timelapse Project  Windy City Nights was posted.

Wilson shot about 200,000 exposures during the project. Find more of his videos at http://www.photoalbumarchives.com/.