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Adam Kinzinger, Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives 11th Dist.


Candidate Name: Adam Kinzinger

Office: U.S. Congress Illinois District 11

Party: Republican

Campaign Email Address: info@ElectAdam.com

Campaign Web Site: www.ElectAdam.com

Campaign Name: Kinzinger for Congress

Campaign Office Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1050 Bourbonnais, IL 60914

Campaign Phone: 815-549-1464

1. Please tell us about yourself - your background and why you believe you are qualified to hold this office.: I was born in Kankakee but spent most of my years in Bloomington, Illinois. The longtime incumbent on the McLean County Board became increasingly unresponsive to the needs of the district so at the age of twenty, I ran against him and was elected with 52% of the vote  becoming one of the youngest board members in county history.

While on the Board, I put into action my passion to bring government back to people. I fought against higher taxation, opposed pay raises for elected officials and worked my hardest to be accessible to those who had concerns. I was overwhelmingly reelected four years later after a competitive primary and general election.

I resigned from my county board seat and left my private sector job as a government accounts representative for STL Technology Partners, a technology firm located in Bloomington to leave for the United States Air Force  a process I began in October 2001. I was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in November 2003 and was awarded my pilot's wings in 2005. I now serve as a pilot with the Air Force Special Operations Command. In May 2009, I returned from my third deployment to Iraq and my fifth to the Middle East. When stateside, I work with law enforcement agencies in the war on drugs. Since returning from Iraq, I have stepped down to part-time reserve status allowing me to run for Congress.

The main duties of a congressional representative are: to vote in a way that represents the values of the majority of the people of the district, advocate for its economic interests and be accessible to your constituents. I am an economic conservative and will govern as one just as I did when I was a board member. In addition, I will be a valuable resource for my district and Illinois on national security and veteran related issues. When the incumbent refused to hold any town hall forums on health care, I held eight town hall forums on the issue, which gathered 2,000 attendees. No matter how difficult it may be to stand in front of your constituents, it is vital for a congressional representative to be accessible and to seek input from those that elected you.

I believe I can make a positive difference in people's lives and think my background and principles enable me to well serve the people of the 11th District.

2. As opposed to why you believe you are qualified for this office - why do you want to be elected or re-elected to this office?: I think what has impressed me most about the military is its commitment to freedom, character and to a mission bigger than themselves. The men and women of the military work together toward a common goal and I only wish Washington could work that way too. Unfortunately, some folks take public service as a paycheck. Some take it to be somebody important. To me, it is a humbling position because the public is putting their faith in you in representing what they believe.

The current representative is out of touch with the values of the district. Issues such as Cap-and-Trade, a government run health care system, raising taxes on small business and the middle class and incredible reckless spending that is putting the American people under a mountain of debt are completely out of step with this mainstream conservative district and the will of the people.

I am not looking for a career in politics or to be somebody important but rather my candidacy for Congress is fueled by my passion to restore our Constitution and put government back in its place  a place that protects life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and then gets out of your way to let you blaze your own trail.

3. What specifically do you think differentiates you and your candidacy from others in this race?: I am the only candidate that has a history of winning competitive elections, a solid conservative voting record and has assembled the necessary message and organization to run an aggressive race against the current congresswoman come November.

In 1998, I defeated a twelve-year Democrat incumbent on the McLean County and won reelection in 2002 after a competitive primary and general election. I have a solid conservative voting record of opposing elected officials' pay raises, championed measures that made government more accessible to the people and made McLean County one of the first counties in Illinois to stand against internet taxation to local businesses. Anyone can talk about their beliefs however, I have a record to back up my words of being a mainstream conservative Republican.

Secondly, when the constituents of the 11th District did not have an opportunity to discuss health care like their fellow citizens did, I was one of the first congressional candidates in the nation move past the rhetoric and complaining by holding my town hall forums on health care and other issues on the minds of the citizenry. In total, I did eight town hall forums gathering over 2,000 attendees. People of all political persuasions attended these forums and I was the only candidate to provide such a forum not only to hear their concerns but also discuss my vision for the 11th district.

4. Please tell us your general views about the role of government and some of the most important things you would like to accomplish in office?: Public service is a humbling position because it is people putting their faith in you and that you are going to represent what they believe. Serving the public is a privilege, not a right. My focus in Congress will be supporting a conservative agenda to improve the economic climate, reigning in government spending and military/veteran issues.

Aside from protecting our nation, nothing is more important for our federal government than keeping marginal taxes low to spur economic growth. With a growing economy we can fund our priorities and begin paying down the national debt.

Without a growing economy, we will have increased social strife as groups compete for a larger share of a shrinking economic pie. Adequate funding for important priorities cannot be sustained when revenues decline because of a sluggish economy.

As a congressman, I will work to restrain federal spending, keep taxes low and support measures that allow businesses to flourish. I will be a relentless advocate for policies that foster economic growth. I understand that eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax for middle class families will not be easy but it must be done. No taxes on middle class people should be allowed to rise and Congress should act now to make the tax cuts permanent before they expire - causing a tax increase on all Americans.

As a member of the Air National Guard, one of my top priorities will ensure that our military personnel and veterans are taken care of during their service and after.

I have done five tours in the Middle East and I've seen firsthand the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform make each and every day. For our current service members, we need to make sure that they are provided the tools necessary to carry out their missions and for our veterans, we need to provide quality health care.

5. Please state your general views about President Obama's healthcare reform proposal.: I oppose the Pelosi-Reid Health Care bill. With health insurance premiums continuously rising 20 to 30% per year, we have to understand that is there is a health care crisis regarding costs however, I do not think the solution is a government takeover of the industry. There is not an easy answer to this problem but I would propose that a series of reforms is a step in the right direction.

First, we need to focus on short term costs to long term costs through preventative care. 75% of our nation's health care spending is tied to the treatment of chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Some treatment that is excluded from coverage now should be covered because it shifts the focus to disease prevention leading to cost reductions through the management of chronic diseases.

Secondly, I support the creation of Association or Small Business Health Plans. These plans allow groups of small employers to band together to increase purchasing power for their employees' health insurance thereby receiving a more affordable rate. This will be a big step for people in small businesses or self employed people in obtaining affordable health coverage.

Anything that reduces costs will change the price of health insurance premiums which affects the number of people who can afford coverage. To that end, I fully support federal income tax deductibility for health insurance premiums, uniform medical records and reimbursement forms will also streamline the system and reduce administrative costs and I'd like to see Congress extend and expand individual Health Savings Accounts and maintain their tax-free and tax deductible features. We also need tort reform, which will also help bring down costs.

I support measures to disconnect health insurance from employers and instead make it easily portable with a person through different jobs over the course of their lifetime.

By focusing on the individual, not the employer, it will allow those who have pre-existing conditions to continue their insurance when they change jobs.

There is not an easy answer to solving our health care crisis however, by implementing these types of reforms we will see the cost of health costs decline in the long-term.

The creation of a whole new government bureaucracy is not the answer nor are the reforms the American people looking for.

6. The current economic crisis is squeezing the middle class. What should Congress do about it? What specifically would you do if elected to Congress?: The government does not create jobs in the private sector, it only makes jobs at the expense of the taxpayer. After a year of various bailouts and economic recovery packages, the government's intervention has failed to generate an economic rebound, despite spending trillions. The government's main responsibility is to create an environment that provides incentives for investment, entrepreneurialism, productivity and innovation  all factors that lead to economic and job growth.

We need to get our economy back on track and reign in spending. The lesson from the late 90s and mid 00s is that strong, sustained economic growth is crucial to achieve tax revenue growth. For example, we saw, over the last two expansions, a 28% increase in tax revenue from 1997 to 2000 and again in 2004 to 2007 with a 37% increase.

I would advocate for economic growth policies by making permanent the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, supporting reductions in marginal tax rates and the capital gains to encourage investment, production, entrepreneurialism and competition in a global marketplace.

7. What are some of the main things you would do to help create jobs in Illinois?: Illinois has become an acidic environment for business, which is why the state is consistently ranked 48th in new job growth. Not only do we have to worry about jobs heading to India and China but also neighboring states like Indiana, Wisconsin and other friendlier states to business.

Small business is the foundation of our economy. Most small businesses operate on relatively thin margins and cannot absorb new mandates, regulations and taxes without jeopardizing continued viability. I will support policies that promote economic growth such as low marginal taxes, capital gains taxes and support spending restraints.

Secondly, Illinois is the country's second largest exporter of feed grains and one in five Illinois manufacturing jobs are directly reliant on trade. I'd support expanding free trade agreements as it is essential for the farmers and the manufacturers in my district.

Lastly, with only 6% of the funds dedicated to infrastructure, I would support redirecting the money toward improvements to our roads, bridges, electrical grid and other job creating projects that will serve as a long- term investment and actually put people back to work. This was a missed opportunity by the federal government to have a stimulus package that was targeted, timely and effective in producing long lasting effects for our infrastructure needs and our economy.

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