Local Elections

Susanne Atanus, Candidate for Congress (9th District)


Candidate Full Name: Susanne Atanus

Office: U. S. House of Representatives U. S. Congressional District 9

Party: Independent

Email Address: asusanne@sbcglobal.net

Web Site: www.atanusforuscongress.com

Campaign Name: Susanne Atanus for U. S. Congress to fix the Economy

Campaign Office Mailing Address: 9054 Buckingham Park Dr., Des Plaines, IL 60016-5102

Phone: (847) 298-2210 or (847) 823-8972

Survey Questions (Character limit of 2,000 per response)

1. Can the budget deficit be controlled only by spending cuts or does the federal government need to raise more revenue? If you favor more revenue, should there be a general tax hike?

The budget deficit needs to be curtailed by spending cuts in Medicare with reductions in fraudulent claims, more people working to reduce the cost of people on Disability, and less defense spending.

Instead of tax hikes, the U.S. needs to be investing in publicly traded companies and obtaining billions of dollars to reduce tax rates and deliver services. This needs to be done as soon as possible with excellent and consistent daily returns on investments with no "market" influence, and all owners/shareholders of companies getting paid right on a daily basis with all owners getting the same rate of profit.

With more income, we and the U. S. will spend more on goods and services and this will create more jobs. This is the greatest economic stimulus! More Income, More Jobs, and lower tax rates.

2. Did you favor the 2011 pullout of U.S. military forces from Iraq? Why or why not?

I favor a pullout of most of U. S. military forces because the Iraqi government needs to have a police.

3. Do you favor President Obama's planned 2014 military withdrawal from Afghanistan? Why or why not?

I favor it along with the people of this country and all people to obtain excellent and consistent returns on their investments, and this is possible without "market" influence so that they have income and will not attack the U. S. or any other places again. With more income, they and all countries will purchase more goods and services, and this will create more jobs. Also, with more income, countries can deliver services and lower tax rates.

4. Do you believe there is global warming? If so, is any of it man made and can we do anything about it?

Some scientists say there is global warming, and some say there is not any global warming. It is important to reduce the amount of chemicals in the air.

5. How will you balance your personal views and beliefs with those of your constituents and the need to compromise for legislation to pass?

Compromise is necessary for legislation to pass, with mutual respect for our constituents and in Congress. The middle class has been ripped off for at least 150 years with "market influence" , and therefore, it has to go away as soon as possible, and it will. For legislation to pass, it will be necessary to remind my fellow Congresswomen and gentlemen that there is a better way and the way is no "market" influence for more income, more jobs, and lower tax rates, and wealth, abundance, and prosperity for all. With more income, this means more people will be content with a reduction in crime, hunger, and terrorism which means less defense spending, and lower tax rates.

Also, with more income, the U.S. and other countries can obtain billions of dollars to deliver services and reduce hunger and assist Seniors by lowering costs for their prescriptions and hospitalization, and provide health care to all with no denial of coverage.

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