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Richard L. Grabowski, Candidate for Congress (3rd District)


Candidate Full Name: Richard L. Grabowski

Office: U.S. Congress, IL 3rd District

Party: Republican

Email Address: Rich@RichardGrabowski.com

Web Site: www.RichardGrabowski.com

Campaign Name: Citizens for Richard L. Grabowski

Campaign Office Mailing Address: P.O. Box 536, Oak Lawn, IL 60454

Phone: 708-769-9345

Survey Questions (Character limit of 2,000 per response)

1. Do you support abolishing earmarks? If not, why?

Yes. If a voteable issue or line item is important enough to be attached onto another bill to be guided and sheltered through the voting and approval process, whether in the congress or the senate, then it's important enough to be on its own stand alone legislation and be voted on for what it really is, rather than burying and hiding it stealthily in another major bill that will be voted on with a better likelihood of its passage. If it can live on its own and make it through a vote of both houses, then it's good legislation.

2. Does the country need immigration reform? If so, what are your plans?

We are all families of immigrants who have come to America in search of opportunity, freedom, and liberty. Seeking a better life for yourself and your family is human nature, and one's life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are recognized and respected in America as God given rights. Most other countries aren't as blessed as we are. We are the greatest nation in the world. This is what immigrants for decades have risked everything to come here for from countries of oppression, economic misery, chaos and tyranny.

Many recent generations of illegal immigrants, those who have knowingly brought themselves and their families into this country without going through the naturalization process like legal citizens have done for decades, under the radar, working for cash, hiding out from the law, living stealth, but do not choose to pledge their allegiance to one flag, our flag, have come here with a modern but ill-advised notion that America as the land of the free stuff and the home of the brave if you live in a troubled neighborhood. This avoidance of our laws reduces and diminishes the honorable efforts of immigrants who followed our nation's immigration laws, and have made it through the naturalization process, and who have worked hard to legally become a genuine US citizen.

I am in favor of upholding and toughening our existing immigration laws currently on the books, protecting our USA borders from foreign enemies and those who wish us harm from within our country.

3. Can the budget deficit be controlled only by spending cuts or does the federal government need to raise more revenue? If you favor more revenue, should there be a general tax hike?

This economy will not come back soon enough. We have no other options left, and tough choices will need to be made in the form of spending cuts, reduction in taxes on individuals and businesses, the de-clawing of the oppressive regulations that stifle business growth, and will ultimately increase job creation and consumer confidence. No I am not in favor of any tax hikes.

4. Do you favor President Obama's planned 2014 military withdrawal from Afghanistan? Why or why not?

The President promised to bring our forces home  this was a campaign promise  yet for his entire term, we still have not seen this total withdrawal of troops that he touted. So why wait until 2014 if he's using an executive privilege? I could agree, if we know what our end game scenario is for success of the mission is.

5. Do you believe there is global warming? If so, is any of it man made and can we do anything about it?

No. What the human race adds to our environment  water, air, and sea is so minimal compared to the untouched wilderness and open spaces. We need to become better stewards of the world around us.

6. How will you balance your personal views and beliefs with those of your constituents and the need to compromise for legislation to pass?

I do not feel that compromise on bills is important just to 'get along'. I will start to worry when both parties are not having the necessary disagreement that will either defeat a bill that only benefits one party's values, or will mutually advance a piece of legislation that some commonality in values and issues has been achieved. We have a two party system for a reason. Both parties have distinct differences, and this has never been more prominently displayed than this year. If legislation is not in the interest of the interest of the U.S citizen, taxpayer, or does not protect and defend your rights, freedoms and liberties, then it has a hard sell with me. Not all legislation needs to pass, in fact, the fewer that do the better. More laws mean more restrictions on our liberties and freedoms, and more opportunities for you to have to need a lawyer to get you out of something, restrictions and regulations mean penalties, and penalties mean taxes. Let's keep it simple, not a complex weave of laws, regulations, restrictions, penalties and taxes that will ultimately chain the American people by the decisions of bought and paid for legislators. Vote for a citizen legislator, an ordinary citizen from among us, the real people.

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