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Timothy C. Wolfe, Candidate for Congress (9th District)


Candidate Full Name: Timothy C. Wolfe

Office: US House of Representative 9th Congressional District of Illinois

Party: Republican

Email Address: info@timwolfeforcongress.com

Web Site: www.TimWolfeforCongress.com

Campaign Name: Timothy C. Wolfe for Congress

Campaign Office Mailing Address: 119 S Emerson St. #212 Mount Prospect, IL 60056

Phone: 224-200-1050

Survey Questions (Character limit of 2,000 per response)

1. Do you support abolishing earmarks? If not, why?

I support abolishing earmarks that are an attempt to give special rights, privileges or funding to a legislative district or legislator. However, earmarks that are clearly identified for particular projects that have been specifically approved by Congress, and such projects are Federal in nature, should be considered on their own merit.

2. Does the country need immigration reform? If so, what are your plans?

Yes, we need immigration reform. We are a nation of immigrants and continued legal immigration is desirable. Legal immigration should be a Federal tool used to bolster employment areas and supply needed skills that are necessary and critical to the economy but unfilled by citizens of our country, a means of protecting oppressed people, and also as a means of reuniting families. Any abuses in the legal system that circumvent our immigration laws must be eliminated.

With regards to illegal immigration, there are several specific steps I would support. My overriding principle, however, is that illegal immigration is, by definition, not legal and citizenship should not be provided to anyone who has come to this country illegally, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their situation. (There might always be unique exceptions.) I would support some type of permanent residency status for illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States for many years and have been employed, paid taxes and have never been convicted of violations of U.S. law.

Specific steps that I would take include withholding Federal aid from any governmental jurisdiction that does not follow Federal immigration laws (including so-called sanctuary cities) and also support a law requiring originalist interpretation of the 14th amendment granting citizenship to children born in this country regardless of the status of the parents and/or guardians. I would also support "sealing our borders". Finally, illegal immigrants must not be allowed to be exempt from any law, including the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). I would support a specific law reversing this exemption.

3. Can the budget deficit be controlled only by spending cuts or does the federal government need to raise more revenue? If you favor more revenue, should there be a general tax hike?

Without first making substantial, permanent and current Federal spending cuts, I will not support any approach that relies on, or even attempts to raise taxes, through new types of taxes or higher tax rates. As the economy improves, we will almost certainly generate additional revenues.

There is no area in the Federal government that would not benefit from spending cuts because of duplication, bloated and excessive salaries/wages and benefits, inefficiencies and fraud. Every representative in Congress and the President should agree with this. Efficiency experts should be hired with payment made from savings. We must then prioritize spending and eliminate non-critical spending and spending more properly delegated to state or local governments or the private sector. Congress must minimize the excessively negative impact the Federal government is placing on private market businesses. Specifically, we must reform our tax system or developing an alternative tax system, reduction of regulations and freeing up the energy sector to help the country work towards energy independence and reliance on foreign sources.

We must begin serious discussions about the reform of Medicare and Social Security. Doing nothing, including raising payroll taxes on the "rich", will not change the path towards insolvency , which is where are headed. We must begin reforms now in order to make these programs sustainable for future generations. We must increase both the standard retirement age and the early retirement age for Social Security recipients because of longer life expectancies, and match up the start of Medicare benefits with the standard retirement age.

Finally, we must change the Federal budgeting system from the current base-line budgeting to a more responsible zero based budgeting. Zero based budgeting requires analyzing prior expenses to budget for the future while base line budgeting assumes the appropriateness of prior spending and just adds on, creating a new "baseline."

4. Do you favor President Obama's planned 2014 military withdrawal from Afghanistan? Why or why not?

I support a withdrawal from Afghanistan, but not in the fashion President Obama has laid out, telling our enemies what we are planning. Divulging information or purposeful leaks of information places our people at unnecessary risk.

5. Do you believe there is global warming? If so, is any of it man made and can we do anything about it?

The fact that the question is posed as "believe in" illustrates a problem inherent in the issue. Science is not a matter of "belief", but evidence and empirically grounded theory. When global warming advocates call skeptics "global warming deniers", it emphasizes how politicized their perspective is. I support genuine climatological science, not junk science contrived to support predefined conclusions. The human sources of climate change have yet to be established, however, I will dispassionately assess scientific evidence as it becomes available.

6. How will you balance your personal views and beliefs with those of your constituents and the need to compromise for legislation to pass?

My personal beliefs about government are the basis upon which I am running for Congress. As a citizen of the United States, I believe in the Constitution and that is what every Representative should follow as their guide when making legislative decisions. I will be clear as to what my beliefs are to the voters who will decide who their next Congressman is.

While I would be willing to make some compromises to find a balanced solution to problems, I am not willing to alter a position beyond what is a reasonable interpretation of the Constitution; that is, I will not violate basic principles. I will not compromise on the proven fact that spending cuts have not been adequate in the past (if in fact legislated at all). Spending cuts must be immediate, permanent and substantive. It is, in fact, the legislators who have not insisted on permanent, real and substantive cuts that have damaged our economy and our country because they were not principled enough. The United States was founded as a country in which the citizens permitted the Federal government to do things that individuals could not do, but not by allowing the government to be the master. That is what is happening today and it would be my responsibility as a Congressman to work towards a more proper balance of government in society instead of the excessively burdensome amount of government in our lives today.

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