Local Elections

Keith Brin, candidate for Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court


Candidate Full Name: Keith Brin

Office: Lake County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Party: Republican

Email Address: Keith@KeithBrin.com

Web Site: www.KeithBrin.com

Campaign Name: Friends of Keith Brin

Campaign Office Mailing Address: PO Box 256, Highland Park, IL 60035

Phone: 847.274.9654

Survey Questions (Character limit of 2,000 per response)

1. Should Jury Duty be optional?

While this isn't something my office deals with (Court Administration processes and handles juries), I do feel that this is something that should continue to be mandatory. Serving on a jury to determine the fate of your peers in court is an honorable duty and is the very foundation of our judicial system. We ought to hold civic duties like voting and jury duty at the highest importance level. That being said, we have taken and should continue to take steps to ensure that fulfilling this duty is as painless as possible for citizens.

2. Should the Clerk of the Circuit Court Office be Elective or Appointed?

The Clerk of the Circuit Court must answer to the citizens of Lake County for every dollar and every decision, and the best way to ensure that continues is to continue to elect the individual that holds this position. In doing so, we can ensure that Lake County's tradition of fiscal discipline continues as the taxpayers will demand that we spend their money responsibly and transparently.

3. What can the Clerk due to make the office function more efficiently?

By effectively utilizing technology, we can provide universal access to the services and documents that are currently only accessible at the Clerk's counter in Waukegan. Instituting processes that allow e-filing and immediate access to court documents and information will provide 24 hour access to our office, improving our customer service while increase accessibility and convenience. By upgrading to a paper on demand system, rather than paper by requirement, we can immediately transmit documents while improving security.

4. What can I do to stream line operations and save tax payers money?

We must embrace technology to improve efficiency. By allowing the electronic filing of documents, we can continue to streamline processes, improve compatibility, and seamlessly integrate our systems with those used by the people that we serve. This will allow us and the legal community to reduce costs, passing those saving on to the taxpayers of Lake County.

5. What type of probation reform would I implement?

The Circuit Court Clerk does not deal with probation assignment or the terms of a sentence  we are simply keepers of the court record.

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