Local Elections

John Blyth, Candidate for Congress (2nd District)


Candidate Full Name: John Blyth

Office: Congressional Representative Illinois 2nd District

Party: Democrat

Email Address: John@BlythAmerica.com

Web Site: www.BlythAmerica.com

Campaign Name: John Blyth 2 Congress

Campaign Office Mailing Address:6110 S. University, Ave. Chicago, IL. 60637

Phone: 773 667-8768

Survey Questions (Character limit of 2,000 per response)

1. How would your representation of your constituents be different from what they've experienced the past 17 years?

For starters, the good people of Kankakee, Will and Cook County will see their Congressman. The good people of the second district are happy for the new change of representation. Listening to all of the people of the second district is a big thing for me. The second district presents many new and exciting possibilities. We want the good people to have the jobs and transportation possibilities everyone else has. We want the second district to have all of the education abilities everyone else has. We want the urban rural connect of foods for the second district. We want to increase the industrial capacities and economic expansion the second district is primed to explode. We want the cross town highway, the red line extension, the new U.S. Steel neighborhood and all jobs for the locals to go with prosperity of the second district. We want all of those jobs for the second district locals. We want the best education for our children and computers for every child. We want the complete environmental change of the second district to move from the rust belt of by gone era to our new green and clean up the EPA nightmares that confront U.S. all. We want to identify EPA polluters and not do business for them. We want the second district to be at the forefront of all things good for environment and generations to come in peace. We want the second district to be a world leader in race relations and the full power of a very diverse district at work for people, with people. Together, we all win.

2. Can the budget deficit be controlled only by spending cuts or does the federal government need to raise more revenue? If you favor more revenue, should there be a general tax hike?

There is an absolute cost of government and to go below that cost means failure to all. Currently the nation is paying taxes at the IKE, 1950's rate. Does anyone live in the 1950's? Except Elvis. No President has spent less monies since Ike and that is our President now. In short, there are no monies being spent out there. Anywhere, public nor private. What there needs to be is a complete new U.S. Ta code. Only then will revenues buoy and balance U.S. I favor a totally new U.S. tax code.

3. How would you help create jobs in your district?

Support the CTA red line extension. Support the new cross town highway. Support the new U.S. Steel site expansion. Support the new Peotone Airport and connect land, sea, air and water in the second district. Support EPA clean ups and all locals doing the jobs. Support education and all of it's funding. Support no cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, social security and support living wage for all.

4. Do you support stricter guns laws? If so, what would you propose?

Support all of the President's gun control including the assault weapons ban and the ten plus magazines or clips. I would support gps in all guns. I look forward to every state gun data base and the new federal gun data base. And I support no one in Congress funding the NRA in membership fees or in any other way.

5. Do you support changes to transportation infrastructure, such as extending the CTA Red Line to 130th Street or building a third airport in Peotone?

Yes, I support the red line extension and perhaps an extension of that extension to the new Peotone airport I support. That said, the funding for new rail to Peotone and the funding of the new airport is the bigger issue first. Would I like to put all of that into the President's new 50 billion dollar stimulus plan? Yes. Absolutely that is the best way to be a part of all things good for the second district. Yes.

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