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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer arrives Thursday -- which means it's time to lather on the sunscreen. How does your brand stack up?

"There's a great difference in the safety of those products. They are not all created equal," said Richard Wiles, Executive Director, Environmental Working Group.

According to a new study by the environmental working group 84 percent of sunscreens tested offer inadequate protection from the sun's rays. The group ranked the effectiveness of sunscreens based on:

  • chemical safety
  • effectiveness at protecting against sunburn
  • and preventing damage caused by UV rays.

    Fallene Cotz Water Resistant SPF 50 came out on top. Coppertone Sports Sunblock SPF 15 was the group's least favorite sunscreen. Some dermatologists are skeptical of the list.

    "I think this study overall I would take with a grain of salt. I think most sunscreen companies are trying to prevent injury and they do a good job," said Dr. Jeanine Downie, dermatologist.

    When it comes to buying sunscreen both sides agree-the SPF factor is key. "It's the one guide consumers have that is consistent," said Wiles.

    Whenever you are outside this summer-remember what mom always said and don't forget the sunscreen.

    More about the study

    While sunscreen is essential in the summer, a study by the Environmental Working Group found that when it comes to being safe and effective, not all products are created equal. Click here to see how your sunscreen ranks.

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