Pizza delivery driver beaten to death

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A man who delivered food for a suburban pizza parlor was robbed and beaten to death Monday night. It appears Frank Sedevic (pictured) may have been set up and lured to an abandoned building.

Sedevic was 60 years old and delivered pizzas to keep busy. He was attacked in south suburban Markham in a building near 164th and Sawyer.

Sedevic worked for Beggars Pizza for six years and even had his sons work there at various times. He was a husband and father, beloved by everyone who worked with him. And Monday night he was beaten and robbed and left for dead, all for a pizza and the cash in his pockets.

Sixty-year-old Frank Sedevic of Oak Lawn was making his usual pizza delivery rounds when he was beaten and robbed on Sawyer Avenue in Markham. He later died.

Tuesday night at Beggars Pizza in Oak Forest, where he worked, there is anger that the delivery call was to a home where no one lived. His co-workers are trying to make sense of the senseless killing.

"Bunch of savages. It's a really sad thing because Frankie didn't have it in him to hurt anybody. He was one of the best guys you'd ever meet. To have something like this happen, it makes you lose hope in society and the way things are going," said John Brand, Beggars delivery dispatcher.

Already four drivers have quit, and Brand is telling the other four delivery men to be extra vigilant.

"I've been telling all my drivers, if you think something wrong or if there is no light, no, nothing, if you even get a bad feeling, go home. Come back with the pizza. We're not going to be mad. Come back with it, and it is not worth losing your life over," Brand said.

And they are being told not to deliver to that particular neighborhood as well.

Another Beggars Pizza delivery person was threatened Tuesday night, apparently over this incident. Somebody made reference to it, but they were not robbed and no other serious crime took place, but they were threatened. Obviously, Beggars delivery people are on edge.

Markham police have said very little about this case. We are hoping to hear from them Wednesday to shed some light on this awful incident.

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