Police crack down on illegal BB guns

Monday, August 21, 2006

Chicago police are warning parents about the danger of BB or pellet guns that resemble real firearms.

The owner of Divas, 4758 W. Belmont, said he did not know the BB guns were illegal when he sold them.

"These guns, can you see they are dangerous. They look like a handgun. They have a laser site. People could mistake them for a real gun and a real accident can happen," said Officer John Tierney, Chicago Police Dept.

Two weeks ago police shot a 14-year-old who allegedly pointed a similar BB gun at an officer. Investigators ruled the shooting was justified.

Police said one gun-- equipped with a laser signing mechanism -- was brought in by the parents of a 14-year-old boy.

"The parents did not know or realize this is a B.B. gun which discharges a projectile, looks exactly like a real firearm, 9 millimeter handgun. It has a laser sight, over a block away and most officers do not have on their handguns."

Chicago police said more and more BB guns that look real are showing up in schools.

"Current changes to the school code conduct have made this an expellable violation. And children thereby expelled," said Andres Durbak, Chicago Public School Security.

Police confiscated some other illegal BB guns at Divas. The owner said he sold eight other illegal BB guns, so officials are urging people to turn them in.

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