Joliet man alleges police bruality, use of racial slurs

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Joliet man who served in the first Gulf War says he was attacked by a police officer at his home. He claims the officer also used racial slurs in the incident. An investigation is underway.

A national Sikh organization is asking for an immediate probe into the alleged beating of a Sikh-American veteran who fought in the Gulf War and received a Bronze Star.

On Friday, March 3, after 3 p.m., Kuldip Singh Nag, a Sikh-American, was at his home in Joliet when a local police officer noticed a van parked on his private property had expired registration tags. Nag's wife Vera informed the officers the van was inoperable. The Nags say the officer told them to remove the van from their private property and when they questioned the officer, they say he attacked Mr. Nag using racial slurs as he beat him.

"He beat my husband. When I saw he was beating my husband, I ran home and I took the camera," said Vera Kaur Nag, wife.

She showed ABC7 pictures of her husband following the alleged beating.

"The officer was explaining to him that he wanted to put this sticker on the vehicle, explained to him the process involved in getting the vehicle removed so it wouldn't be towed. Mr. Nag became upset and pushed the officer. At that time the officer went to arrest him and a struggle ensued," said Cmdr. Keith Turney, Joliet Police Department.

Nag was arrested and taken to the police station where he was charged with aggravated battery. Joliet police say they had an ambulance take Nag to a local hospital when he complained he was not feeling well.

"They told him to go to his country. They used a bad word for him. Where can he go? This is the land of immigrants," said Vera Kaur Nag, wife.

The Nag's attorney says they will be filing a lawsuit against the Joliet police officer.

"It's doubly a shame when a police officer is on private property and uses corporal punishment for no valid purpose for someone that he believes was an Arab, even if he was an Arab he shouldn't have been doing that," said Andrew Seigel, attorney. Joliet police say they will be investigating the actions of one of their officers.

"He is an officer who has been working with us for about 15 months. No complaints at all. My understanding is that he is an exemplary officer," said Cmdr. Keith Turney, Joliet Police Department.

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