Arellano, immigration activists hold vigil at US-Mexico border

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Immigration activist Elvira Arellano is preparing for a prayer vigil and protest today at the US-Mexico border.

Last month, she was arrested in Los Angeles, deported and separated from her American-born 8-year-old son Saul. She came to the US illegally in the 1990s and was arrested for having a false Social Security number. She had been living at a Chicago church to avoid deportation.

Arellano will be on the Mexican side of the border during the protest. Her supporters in Los Angeles and Chicago will participate in similar rallies for immigration reform.

Opponents say she broke the law and has been treated fairly.

Also today, Arellano's son Saul is in Washington DC. He is asking Congress to give "safe harbor" visas to the undocumented parents of 4 million US citizen children.

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