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Steve Mandell trial: Ex-cop allegedly plotted to murder businessman and his daughter

Thursday, February 13, 2014

More testimony and taped conversations were played in court in the trial of former Chicago police officer Steve Mandell, who is charged in a torture, robbery and murder plot.

The government's main witness was on the stand for three days, then at the end of that testimony, Mandell's defense attorneys were allowed to cross-examine him. But before that, the jurors heard recordings in which Mandell is allegedly not only plotting the murder of a businessman, but also his college-aged daughterand how he allegedly planned to lure both of them to the office space on Devon.

A former Chicago cop accused of plotting murder is heard in conversations that were being recorded by the FBI. Some discussions were in code-- according to a government witness-- about an office space on Devon Avenue that needed to be renovated for the would-be murders.

Mandell: "If you're gonna have one wall, it should be the one with the sink. You know, use some strategic thinking."

Government witness George Michael testified Mandell is heard on a recording assuring Michael the plan to torture the victim in order to get control of properties and hidden cash would work.

Mandell: "My guy knows what to do. He knows water boarding and psych ops."

Under cross examination, Mandell's attorney asked about other conversations.

Attorney Keith Spielfogel asked: "There were a whole group of calls that were not recorded from your phone."

George Michael responds: "Yes sir."

Late Thursday, prosecutors began playing a three-hour long video tape. The video allegedly shows Mandell and his partner walking through the Devon property, and apparently complaining about the conditions of the property for this alleged plot.

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