Daley confident about 6th term

Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's the final weekend of campaigning in the race for Chicago mayor. The incumbent, Richard Daley, is confident he'll be voted in for a 6th term on Tuesday.

While Daley says he's focusing the final days of his campaign on his accomplishments, opponents say that cannot erase a series of scandals and controversies that have plagued his administration.

"I have no problem with that," said Mayor Richard Daley

The mayor says he has no problem with a judge's ruling in federal court that he can be grilled under oath about allegations in a civil lawsuit. The suit alleges that as state's attorney in the 1980s Daley failed to investigate widespread reports of torture by Chicago police under the supervision of discredited Commander John Burge.

"I answered all t hose questions. I answered the question. You know what the answer was. That's all I can say," said Mayor Daley.

The torture lawsuit, which is about to be settled for nearly $15 million dollars, is another example of what Daley's opponents are calling the "corruption tax" that city residents have to pay. Other examples include a $10 million settlement this week in another police misconduct case, 40 million in the hired truck scandal, and a $100 million minority contract scam perpetrated by the Duff family, longtime friends of the mayor.

"People should realize that enough is enough," said Dorothy Brown, Candidate for Mayor.

"People aren't interested in Daley anymore. Daley is a has been. And, the media hasn't caught up with that," said William "Dock" Walls, Candidate for Mayor.

Daley believes he's brought a divided city together -- socially and politically by making Chicago one of the best urban centers in the world.

"You can look at any city in the united states and look at the progess we have made," said Daley. Daley says he hasn't debated his opponents because the campaign is about him and his record. Not them. And the claims that this election is not about breaking his dad's longevity record-- but about having the drive and the passion to make Chicago better.

This has been his most difficult term, because of all the corruption, and his opponents say he hasn't debated or acknowledged them because they would hold him accountable.

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