Gonnella Bakery

Friday, February 10, 2006

Founded in 1886, the Gonnella Baking Company produces over 1.5 million pounds of product weekly at three Chicago area facilities. As a high quality supplier for the in-store bakery and food service industries, Gonnella offers several product lines within the fresh baked, fresh baked frozen and frozen dough categories

The name Gonnella, for Chicago food connoisseurs, conjures up visions of freshly baked, aromatic, crisp-crusted bread. A true hearth-baked product baked fresh every day of the year. The Gonnella Baking Company now produces over a million and a half pounds of product weekly, from a total of seven lines in three plants. The current facilities are far more sophisticated and extensive than the original operation which processed a few hundred loaves weekly in a basement shop on Chicago's De Koven Street. The bread that comes out of the ovens today is the same top quality product that Alessandro Gonnella produced in his small, wood burning oven when he founded the company over a century ago.Our President, George Marcucci, sums up the company philosophy this way: The year was 1886 and Alessandro had purchased a small storefront bakery on Chicago's De Koven Street where he had learned his trade. Since he was the operation's sole employee he mixed the doughs, baked the bread, delivered the products and even kept the books for his fledgling neighborhood enterprise. Alessandro's little business thrived.

In 1896, he moved his Gonnella Bakery to a larger building on Sangamon Street near Ohio Street. By then he had brought his wife, Marianna Marcucci, over from his northern Italian village of Barga. In the early 1900's his teen-aged brothers-in-law, Lawrence, Nicholas and Luigi Marcucci joined him in the United States to assist Alessandro in his growing business.

In 1915, the Erie Street plant, now the corporate headquarters, was built. By then the horse drawn delivery wagons were making over 200 stops per day. Other plants were purchased, and by the end of World War II, the higher volume sale to grocery stores and restaurants had supplanted home deliveries.


  • Since 1886
  • Founded by Alessandro Gonnella and still owned and operated by his family today.
  • 34 of the 415 employees are family members.
  • Fresh bread service area from Milwaukee WI to Indianapolis IN.
  • Fresh Baked Bread to 5 States
  • Frozen Bread Distributed Nationally
  • Gonnella Baking Co. produces over One and a Half Million Pounds of bread each week.
  • One week worth of Gonnella Bread production laid end to end would stretch to Minneapolis and back.
  • The average Gonnella Route truck pulls out from the Bakery at 2:50AM.
  • Gonnella serves over 2800 accounts every day.
  • Our French X-Long Bread helped make Chicago famous for its Italian Beef Sandwiches.
  • Gonnella Hot Dog Buns are found at both Wrigley Field and Cellular Park.

    Gonella Bakery
    2435 Church Rd.
    Aurora, IL, 60505

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