Fun Home Science Experiments For Your Kids

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Science has some kids mesmerized, but others are not immediately interested. One book is trying to win over young scientists with step-by-step instructions for experiments you can do at home.

The TIME for Kids BIG Book of Science Experiments teaches kids to think like scientists through more than 100 experiments created by the experts at Mad Science, which works to spark children's imagination. Rick Kay, Director of Fun at Mad Science Chicago, a franchise of Mad Science Group, came into our ABC7 studio to walk us through a few fun and wacky experiments.

Rick's Experiments:

1. Electromagnet
Wrap insulated wire around a bolt, strip the ends, and attach them to a D battery.
The coil of wire produces a magnetic field.
The ends of the bolt become magnetized, and that allows the user to pick up paper clips and then drop them by disconnecting the battery.

2. Hero's Engine
Two holes are punched in the bottom of an empty pop can.
String is tied to the attached pop top.
The can is filled with water while the holes are covered.
When they are uncovered, the water flows out, and the can spins in a circle. </p.

3. Milky Mixture
A drop of different food color is placed in the center of a small bowl of milk.
A drop of dish detergent is placed in the center, and the colored drops rapidly move to the edge of the bowl and make a star pattern.

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