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The N Beat: A New Latin Rhythm

Thursday, November 29, 2007
N Beat features Latinos in the community.

N Beat features Latinos in the community.

ABC 7 presents "THE N BEAT: A NEW LATIN RHYTHM," spotlighting the artist and the music captivating the country along with a close-up look at Chicago's promising entrant to the Latin music scene.

Hosted by Theresa Gutierrez, with special contributions by ABC 7's John Garcia and Stacey Baca, "THE Ñ BEAT" will air Saturday, June 23 at 6:00 p.m. with an encore presentation on Saturday, June 30th at 1:00 p.m. "THE Ñ BEAT" is an Emmy Award winning program celebrating the accomplishments of Chicago's Latino community.

This edition of "THE Ñ BEAT" will spotlight the latest wave of Latin music causing a sensation in Chicago and around the country. With the influx of a new fusion of Latin rhythms such as Bachata, Reggaeton and Latin Pop, more radio stations, concert halls, and dance clubs are turning up the volume on this new sound.

"THE Ñ BEAT" talks to a home-grown Latin artist, Betzaida, as she continues her quest for chart-topping success.

Concert excerpts from their recent Chicago appearances feature the music of "Alexis & Fido," (Reggaeton); "Xtreme," (Bachata); "Mercedes Sosa" (Latin folk) and "Paulina Rubio" (Latin pop) and "Aventura," credited with bringing the Dominican folk sound "Bachata" to American audiences.

Cesar Canales, the Operations Director for Univision Radio Illinois, and Elena Sotomayor, vice president of marketing for Cardenas Marketing Network, and Matthew Romero, vice president of marketing, Viva Marketing Group, puts the popularity of this new Latin music into perspective and the opportunities Chicago provides for these artists to reach new audiences.

"The Ñ Beat" is available on-demand at www.abc7chicago.com

"The ÑBeat" is produced by Edgar Vargas.

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