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Trending Videos - Barking Cat, Kitten in a Hamster Ball, Break Dancing Gorilla

June 21, 2001 Today in trending videos: One cat doing something he shouldn't, one cat caught someplace he shouldn't be, and a gorilla busting a move to keep himself enteratined.

Barking Cat
Perhaps you're like many... who find great joy in capturing people doing things they're not supposed to be doing. It's even better if you catch them on tape, right? So take great joy in this small video featuring a noisy cat caught on camera who reverts to his natural ways at the end.
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Kitten in a Hamster Ball
This video is climbing up the "Most Viewed" charts quickly in both the U.S. and Philadelphia. The title says it all, and yet not enough at the same time. You must watch the video to get the full "Kitten in a Hamster Ball" experience.
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Break dancing Gorilla
Zola, is a 9-year-old Western lowland gorillas at the Calgary Zoo.He regularly gives zookeepers and guests a show when there's water on the floor. It's put there as part of the enrichment activities they plan and vary on a daily basis.
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